We understand that every client, and every project’s needs are different. So we offer a variety of different ways for us to work together:

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E-THEME & SCHEME - $395/room

Love some guidance with a particular space, but don’t require a face-to-face consultation? Then 54 North’s ‘E-theme & Scheme’ is the perfect option. We’ll ask you to complete a briefing form which includes all the specifics about the space - dimensions, ceiling heights, key features, etc. - as well as some questions about who uses the space and how, and the things you like (and importantly, don’t like).

From there, we’ll develop a personalised concept for your room plus specify the recommended furniture and accessories, where to get them and where to place them in your space. When you’re ready, you then simply purchase the pieces and put the room together.

DESIGN & DECORATION on-site consultation - $150

Looking for help with more than one room, or simply love the opportunity to discuss your next project face-to-face? Then 54 North’s ‘Design & Decoration On-site Consultation’ is the perfect solution.

We start by organising a mutually convenient time to meet at your site for a 1.5-2 hour consultation.

During our time on-site, we will discuss your project in detail, ensuring we clearly understand what you are looking to achieve and together agree how 54 North can help you get there. We also walk the space to gain a true understanding of the dimensions, surroundings, light and aspect - all considerations that inform the final design solution.

Following our consultation, 54 North will put together a detailed scope of works and investment summary, outlining the hours required for us to complete all agreed aspects of the project.


Perhaps you simply require an AutoCAD floor plan, a Photoshop elevation, a SketchUp rendering, a hand drawing or help with unpacking/organising/decluttering a space in your home or workplace. However big or small your requirement, please get in touch. Our services are charged at $90/hour, and we will happily develop a detailed estimate for your project in advance so you know how many hours it will take to complete the job before we get started.

Not sure which option best suits your needs? Not a problem. Simply get in touch and we’ll find the perfect fit.